The Right Mortgage

Sep 22
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Shopping for the Right Mortgage

The list of available mortgages has grown significantly over the years, leaving you to sift through all the information on all the different options before finally finding the one that works best for you. There are ways, however, to make this process easier. Seek advice from an experienced mortgage professional and have them help you to consider these questions:

  • How long do you anticipate living in this home?
  • Do you expect any changes in the next few years such as expanding your family or having your children go to college and/or move out?
  • Do you expect any major changes in income due to promotions, relocations, retirement, pensions, or inheritance?
  • Are you expecting any changes in your investments?
  • Are you conservative, aggressive, or somewhere in between when it comes to investment strategies?

These questions are important because they help determine which loan program will best fit the stage of life you’re in. Each loan has different aspects that appeal to and benefit different kinds of households. They’ll also help you determine whether or not you’re working with the right mortgage professional. If they don’t ask these questions, they may not be your most helpful choice.

Ultimately though, the most important factor you have to consider is cost. Make sure you’re given a complete picture of how much your mortgage will cost you over the period of time you intend to have the loan. This will illustrate the greater picture of your financial goals and allow for adjustments should changes occur sooner than anticipated. The recommended time frame for this projection is anywhere from three to seven years.

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