Top 3 Home Projects to Tackle Before Winter

When we think “winter,” most people don’t generally think “landscaping,” but preparing the exterior of your home is one of the most important projects to tackle before the harsh weather hits. Taking care of your yard now can make getting through the winter months significantly less stressful while also bringing ease to the coming spring. Focusing on these tasks can extend the life of your home and save you money down the line by avoiding costly repairs. Here are 3 key projects to look into this autumn:

  1. Take a look at your trees before the seasons change. If you live in an area where it snows or the winds can get excessive, low hanging branches could present a problem. Look for and trim any branches that hang over your house, driveway, or walkways as their weight could cause them to snap and damage your home or vehicle. It is best to trim trees in the fall or early spring as these are the least likely times trimming will cause damage to the tree.
  2. Inspect for any exterior damage that could be made worse during the winter. Check your roof for any repairs that may need to be made and be sure to replace any loose or missing shingles. Walk around your home and look for any low spots near your foundation. Fill these areas with soil so water runoff will slope away from your home. This will help prevent water damage to your home’s foundation or basement, which could potentially become a costly repair.
  3. Work on cleaning up your lawn before the winter weather hits. Rake leaves and get rid of dead shrubs, bushes, or broken branches that litter your yard. Aerate, fertilize, and reseed your lawn, especially in any dead spots. This may not seem like much fun now, but it will make your life significantly easier once winter turns to spring.
There is a lot to think about before winter hits, and you’ve probably already spent countless hours making sure your windows are ready, your pipes are insulated, and all the drafts in your house are blocked. However, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Plus, with how rapidly the seasons seem to change, there’s less time to get these little projects done. Focus a bit of your time on your landscape and home exterior this fall and you’ll bring ease to the winter and even the start of spring.