Homestead for the Holidays!

Dec 23
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The holidays are here at Homestead Funding! We are prepared for the most wonderful time of the year with decorations that are both merry and bright. With elves, snowmen, menorahs, and even that mean old Mr. Grinch hanging around, we’re ready to bring smiles to everyone this holiday season. Stop by and take a peek and maybe ask about how Homestead can help you finance your home this holiday season!



Happy Holidays from Homestead Funding!

Dec 22
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This holiday season, Homestead Funding would like to take time to say how grateful we are for the wonderful people in our lives. Thank you to all our clients and referral partners. Without you, we wouldn't be here today! And thank you to our employees. You make Homestead the amazing company we are today. 

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Make Breakfast. Many people chose to have a light breakfast or skip the meal all together in order to prepare themselves for the feast yet to come, but indulging yourself in a fun, festive, and delicious breakfast could really brighten your day from the start. Enjoy some pancakes, waffles, or cinnamon rolls as the family gets ready to watch the parade, or treat yourself to some morning pumpkin pie.

Display Your Gratitude. Decorations are an important part of any holiday, and what could make a better decoration than the lovely thoughts and thanks of your loved ones? Find a fun way to display what everyone is thankful for. Write your blessings on paper leaves and use them to make a wreath. Then you can bring this decoration back out each year and add to it so it becomes a beautiful piece of family artwork. If you don’t feel like turning your thanks into a presentation, you can have everyone write them in a notebook that you keep safe from year to year.

Get Everyone Involved. Making and serving dinner doesn’t have to be a one person job. Find little ways so everyone can help. Small children are generally quite willing, so find easy jobs for them like mixing up the potatoes or setting the table. Have older kids help with serving - maybe put them in charge of serving dessert, or ask them to help with the clean-up. The work is more fun (and goes faster) when everyone pitches in.

Take a Walk Outside. Let your body digest and enjoy the autumn air with a family walk right after dinner. If the weather is nice and your tummies are full, it might be nice to take in the season and enjoy a family walk in the great outdoors.

End the Day as a Family. Whether you chose to watch a movie or play a game, the best way to end Turkey Day is all together. Choose something you’ll all enjoy doing and sit together for an hour or two. If you want, you can switch up your last activity of the day every year, or the game you play or the movie you chose to watch can become its own tradition that comes back to warm your hearts each and every year.


50 Best Mortgage Companies

Homestead Funding is proud to announce that we have been ranked in the top five of the 50 Best Companies to Work For by Mortgage Executive Magazine!

“We are very happy to have received this recognition. It really speaks to how dedicated and hard working all of our team members are,” said Mike Rutherford, CEO and Owner of Homestead Funding. “There are a lot of wonderful people at Homestead and it’s great we have this opportunity to show our appreciation. What’s even more amazing is that we were able to reach the top five in our first time participating.”

The rankings were determined by surveying over 10,000 Loan Originators around the country and over 200 companies participated. Each year, Mortgage Executive Magazine asks Loan Originators to rank their companies based on company culture, loan processing, underwriting, compensation, management, marketing, and technology.

“It’s good to know that our Loan Originators are happy with Homestead. We strive to provide them with the tools they need to succeed,” said Daniela Bigalli, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We also try to consistently improve our processes so we remain
competitive and the employer of choice in our markets”

Homestead Funding Corp. is a multi-state licensed mortgage banker with branches located throughout the eastern U.S. In operation since 1995, our corporate headquarters is located in Albany, New York where we have perennially been the area's largest independent mortgage lender. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, originated billions of dollars in residential mortgage loans and maintained a reputation of exceptional service, honesty, integrity and financial reliability.

Homestead is always looking for talented sales professionals and if you would like to find out more about what we offer our sales team and what differentiates us in the marketplace please visit, email or call Kathy Fox at (518) 464-1100 x 660.

And if you or someone you know would like home loan information, please feel free to contact us!



Daniela Bigalli often has a line of people waiting to talk to her at her unassuming office door. But this isn’t a bad thing - it’s because she is an extremely approachable member of Homestead Funding Corp.’s management team. She usually is on the go, but always has time to talk with her team regardless of the topic.

Daniela began her career in the mortgage industry in the fall of 2003 and started working at Homestead Funding in January 2006. Before her move to Vice President, Daniela also spent time as a Branch Manager. She passed the one year mark in her position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing this December and has been enjoying every moment of it.

During a typical day for Daniela, nothing typical happens. Every day is different for her. From recruiting to working on technology platforms, her position is all encompassing. As Vice President, she covers the A to Zs of marketing and sales. She says that her goal, ultimately, is to be instrumental in making Homestead the employer and lender of choice.

Her favorite thing about her job is the people; the employees at Homestead are a close-knit and caring group. A close second is their success stories. Whether it’s a client who a Licensed Loan Originator could help when another lender wasn’t able to or an employee who was given a chance and has become an extremely successful team member, Daniela is always glad to hear that her staff is doing well.

When asked why people should consider working at Homestead Funding, Daniela explained that the company offers sales staff a platform that enables them to succeed. There is an in-house marketing department and robust technology program that allows for a lot of automation, which frees up time for Licensed Loan Originators to make connections and expand their networks.

She also said that Homestead has a family atmosphere and provides its employees with access to decision makers. Staff can directly contact people who can effect the changes they need. Management genuinely cares about their employees’ successes. Many people who work at Homestead have been with the company for several years. Because of that longevity, they have been able to watch the company grow into a fairly large regional lender. Employees come to work and give it everything they’ve got. They know where the company started and don’t lose sight of the past.

During her free time, Daniela enjoys skiing and boating with her husband. She also spends quality time with her dog, Hershey, who “makes everything better at the end of a long day.” Daniela is a Capital Region native and was born and raised in the area. She currently lives in Ballston Lake, where she has lived for the past nine years. She is a graduate of SUNY Binghamton.


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