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Welcome Ashley Wodrich

Jun 5
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Homestead Funding would like to welcome Ashley Wodrich who recently joined our Rochester, NY sales team.

Believe it or not, Ashley started off as a client of Homestead Funding’s. After experiencing the mortgage process first hand, she knew that being in this industry was not only her calling, but that she had found the best company to work for. Ashley says, “Homestead Funding went above and beyond for my husband and I when we were going through the process, and now I get to give others that same experience."  

With her previous work experience in the accounting and financial services industry, you can rest assured that Ashley will pay close attention to detail and follow through to completion. And, if you have a question that she doesn’t know the answer to, she will exhaust every avenue until she finds you the right information.

Ashley’s promise when you work with her, is you’re getting not only her experience and dedication, but the experience of an entire company of mortgage professionals. And as a former customer, Ashley knows that you will be receiving a level of service that is second to none.

Ashley looks forward to working with you – give her a call today!

To Learn more about Ashley visit her webpage.

Welcome, Ashley!


Right And Wrong Ways To Clean your House

No one will give you a blue ribbon each time you do it, and it's not the subject of cocktail conversations. But housecleaning is a necessary evil, and someone's got to do it. If you clean your own house, however, you may just be shooting yourself in the foot with the methods you employ, creating a situation of diminishing returns.'s Larissa Runkle sat down with a few housecleaning experts to determine a few common (albeit well-intentioned) cleaning mistakes they see people make, as well as offer advice on how to avoid them.

First off, you are not a Proctor and Gamble. Making your own cleaning products is noble, but you may not know how those products can also ruin surfaces or even how, mixed together, they can be downright deadly. Vinegar can dissolve the coating of wood surfaces, and baking soda can scratch and destroy chrome-coated items or marble countertops. And no matter how strong the cleaning fumes may be, never mix bleach and ammonia. It can generate chlorine gas, producing toxic vapors.

Read labels! You may be using the wrong product. Using multipurpose cleaners on high-end pieces that include wood, marble, or stainless steel can cause discoloration, even those handy cleaning wipes can cause damage. You can use them on a lot of surfaces, but not on everything. So, when in doubt, READ what the manufacturer or supplier instructions about how the product can and can't be used to clean.

What about attacking odor? You have to know that you may have become odor-insensitive after a while, perhaps only noticing how your house smells after you've gotten back from a vacation or long business trip. The act of merely spraying a deodorizer may seem like a quick fix, but cleaning experts strongly advise against it no matter what those TV commercials claim.

"The biggest mistake I see is people trying to cover up odors instead of handling them at the source," says one of Runkle's expert sources. "Walking into a house that smells like Febreze, and has candles burning in every room, and still has an odd smell is a direct sign to me that the person is trying to cover up an odor of some sort." Solving the real problem may be a simple as using a fabric cleaner for the couch or carpet or taking out the trash more frequently. Dog baths help, as does making sure the kitty litter does not sit for long.

Did you know there is an order to housecleaning? You may not know this if your mom never explained it to you. You can't just push the vacuum around one day and decide to dust the next and what about that ceiling fan whose blade tops are never seen? Cleaning aficionados say to clean from top to bottom, starting with the ceiling fan, entertainment centers, and cables, and finish off by vacuuming up anything that may have fallen on the floor. Vacuuming comes last.

Clutter creates work, which means when you let junk accumulate, you'll end up cleaning it along with everything else. "Make a garbage pile and a to-do pile," suggests cleaning guru Jenna Haefelin in the article. "When the to-do pile piles up, take action!"

Source: TBWS

New Hires

Welcome Taylor Petty

Jun 4
Category | New Hires

Homestead Funding would like to welcome Taylor Petty who recently joined our Hopewell Junction, NY sales team.

Before coming to work for Homestead Funding Corp., Taylor worked in the hospitality industry. Working in hospitality helped prepare him for his future career as a Loan Originator as he relied heavily on developing relationships, understanding his customer’s wants and needs, and then tailoring a solution that would best meet those needs. That’s why his loan originator philosophy is to strive to provide each customer with a unique and unparalleled borrowing experience.

When you work with Taylor, you’re getting not only his experience and expertise, but you’re getting the years of experience and expertise of his entire team. You will have a team of people working for you, to help you not only achieve your dream of homeownership, but to make the road getting there seem a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

So, if you think you’d enjoy working with someone who is incredibly hard-working and dedicated, Taylor’s your man! Give him a call today.

To Learn more about Taylor visit his webpage.

Welcome, Taylor!

New Hires

Welcome Patricia Madison

May 17
Category | New Hires

Homestead Funding would like to welcome Patricia Madison who recently joined our Lagrangeville, NY sales team.

Fondly known as “The Mortgage Lady”, Patricia has been working primarily with home buyers and homeowners since 1992 in NYC, Westchester, all Five Boroughs, Fairfield and Putnam counties.  Her vast and diverse experience delivers the best options and solutions to her clients every time!   Whether you are buying a turnkey existing home or one that needs repairs or renovations . . . building a new home or tearing one down and building a new one.  Already own your home and thinking of refinancing and/or renovating – she can go through the many options.   

Clients, peers and real estate professionals have voted her in as one of Westchester Magazine’s Five Star Mortgage Professionals for the last 3 years in a row!

To Learn more about Patricia visit her webpage.

Welcome, Patricia!



Welcome East Syracuse Branch

May 14
Category | Branches

Homestead Funding is excited to announce that our Brewerton, NY branch has moved to a new and improved East Syracuse location. You can now find Eric, Heather, Lauren, Mark and Tracy at 6333 Route 298, Suite 200 East Syracuse, NY 13057.

Join us in welcoming the East Syracuse team!


Eric Johnson was born and raised in Central New York. He’s worked in the mortgage industry for nearly two decades and is still as passionate about his career as the day he started.

If Eric had to describe his Loan Originator philosophy, it would be that every transaction requires the same amount of attention and dedication as the one before it. He takes the necessary time to work with his customers to figure out their specific needs, and then structures their financing accordingly.

Eric says he’s excited to work with Homestead “because of the new tools and resources they provide us. Having the newest tools and technology allows me to provide my borrowers with a one of a kind mortgage experience. And at the end of the day, my customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing.”

To learn more about Eric, visit his webpage.


Heather Connell is a former Midwesterner who now resides in Syracuse and has spent the last ten years in the mortgage industry. She enjoys walking her clients through each step of the process, so they feel completely comfortable with all decisions they make.

Heather’s Loan Originator philosophy is “great service, from start to finish.” For most people, buying a home is the most exciting purchase of their lives. Because of that, she wants to make sure that all her clients have an amazing experience. Heather says she is excited to work at Homestead Funding because we offer many different loan products. “This allows me to look at my clients’ needs and find the perfect product that is right for them,” said Heather. “Another great thing about Homestead is our support staff. When you work with me, you can rest assured that you have a team of industry professionals working together to help get your loan closed quickly, and seamlessly.”

To learn more about Heather, visit her webpage.


Lauren Elizabeth DiMaggio was born and raised in Rome, NY. She feels honored to help her friends and neighbors achieve their dreams of home ownership in the Utica-Rome area. Lauren has over nine years of experience in financial services, with six of those being years exclusively in the mortgage industry. Integrity and dedication are the foundation of her business.

Lauren’s mission is to provide her customers with the expert knowledge and guidance they need to obtain their home financing goals. She customizes each home financing solution to each individual client’s needs, while providing superior customer service and commitment.

Lauren says, “At Homestead Funding, I have an experienced and highly-trained team of people behind me who are supporting me and my clients while providing exceptional service throughout the entire process. I will effectively manage the transaction from beginning to end so that you can enjoy the experience of home ownership.”

To learn more about Lauren, visit her webpage.


Mark Lenkiewicz was born, raised, and currently lives in the Syracuse area. He attended SUNY Oswego and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and minors in Philosophy and Economics. 

Having been in the mortgage business for five years, Mark is excited to be a part of the Homestead Funding team. Mark says Homestead provides him with a great a support system and offers a wide variety of products and services to help his clients with all their purchase and refinance needs.

Mark is available 24/7, respond quickly, and takes the time to listen and understand his clients’ needs. He is dedicated to service and adapts to the style of his clients for more personalized service.

To learn more about Mark, visit his webpage.


Tracy Styer has 20 years of lending industry experience. She is an expert in draw construction loans and is dedicated to finding you the best financing solution.

Tracy builds her business around honesty, trust, and integrity. Her idea of integrity is to always put your needs first, to be your advocate, and offer solutions that work best for your objectives. Tracy sees to it that you are well informed, so you can make smarter choices, and your financing comes to you with no surprises or hitches. Tracy’s entire team has many years of experience in draw construction loans, which means you’ll receive quality customer service.

To Learn more about Tracy, visit her webpage.

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